What we do

Solar Rental provides innovative and newly designed portable solar energy systems to agricultural operations and other land holding energy users.

They are prefabricated, modular designed and delivered on site ready for installation to the grid.

We also offer battery storage solutions where appropriate.

At a glance


Efficient assembly significantly cuts on-site labour

Leaves factory electrically and structurally complete


Redeployable to other sites or as needs change

Rapid deployment

Fully installed and operational in 1-2 days

Product Options


  • Customers can access energy savings with no upfront cost
  • Enables energy savings to be determined before committing capital, try before buying
  • Flexible buyout options available
  • Guaranteed minimum breakeven, electricity savings less rent, across the first four year rental period means you can’t lose.
  • If you lease your land, still benefit from solar generation

Power Purchase Agreement

  • Set rate for power used from solar generation
  • No upfront costs
  • Flexible buyout options

Purchase Outright

  • Gain maximum benefit immediately
  • Tax deductions available
  • Move as necessary
  • Excellent finance rates available

Why Solar Rental

Solar Rental can achieve energy cost reductions for your business efficiently and effectively.

Solar Rental offers solar systems that are portable, ensuring that land is not permanently quarantined by the solar asset and able to be returned to alternative uses when required.

No roof space usually means no solar. Not anymore.

The only alternative to roof mounted solar has been fixed ground mounted systems which are prohibitively costly to install. The Solar Rental system is approximately 60% of the cost of comparable fixed ground mounted systems.

Solar Rental has developed a customised financial model for assessing your cost saving opportunities at each of your sites. This provides a tailored solution for your business to assess the right size system and appropriate battery solution for you, taking into account the following:

  • Pattern of daytime energy usage
  • Electricity feed-in tariffs
  • Peak and off peak electricity rates
  • Energy demand shifting opportunities

Our business enables you to maximise the advantages offered by hosting solar energy systems on your site including:

  • Reducing the cost of power supply through the on-site use of solar power
  • Additional value from solar feed in tariffs by exporting excess solar power to the grid

Our customers vary in size and type. The only pre-requisites are the ability to utilise land holding for small to medium sized solar installations and an existing grid connection.

We can service any area throughout Australia and specialise in remote location installations.

Solar system details / specifications

The solar systems comprise of portable 11kW solar arrays that fold in portable packages, and unfold on site ready for immediate connection.

The standard product is a system that comprises 9 modules (99kW), but can be sized down to 44kW as required to match the land size and electricity usage profile of the site.

Need something larger? Larger solutions above 100kW are also able to be developed as required by the customer.

The solar panels are high quality Tier 1 PV technology, and are matched with reputable high quality German inverters.

Site survey is undertaken before deployment and modules are placed on rubber mounts with each module held in place by ground anchors. No earthworks are required, provided the land is relatively flat.

Each module is a continuous PV array solar system that has a cabling solution with the inverters pre-mounted and fully commissioned. This significantly reduces cabling costs, on-site trenching and electrical work.

Who does it
work best for?

Any land-rich business with significant daytime power requirements.

Agricultural operations
Dairy farms
Poultry farmers
Cool room requirements
Mining and other applications
+ more

When is a solar solution available?

Available for ordering now.

Delivery timeframes are typically 4-6 weeks.

On-site rollout of the standard product is done within 1-2 days.

Is it right for me?

Contact one of our experts who can assess what works best for your particular circumstances.

Every site is different, but the opportunity to save money and improve your operations is available for most land holders seeking to reduce the reliance on grid-connected power.


Victoria, New South Wales, and other regions

Colin Wilson
0412 747 684


Andrew George
0410 436 320

Mallee and north western Victoria

Stuart King
0428 396 234

South Australia

Grant Nel
0426 100 941